Flash 8: the holy grail of animation software, Part 2.

I remember way back when i first got into Flash. It was back in the MX days and the first year (I believe I was 14 then) was confusing as hell. Today, I make about two animations per month (I prefer not to make short tests). I’ve even helped out much more famous animators with things like 3D and sound effects (i.e. Terkoiz, Viggo, Miccool) most of which must be made and then imported to Flash. Although one thing that always irked me about flash was the lack of a built in autosave or other expanded file saving features. For example say you have a Flash X file on your computer but your computer doesn’t have Flash X. Your computer has Flash X-2. You have to get Flash X and Flash X-1 just to save to Flash X-2. this is because flash can only save back one previous version of it’s current installed version. In fact Flash is a combination of the words Future and Splash. The original Flash 1.0 was futuresplash before Macromedia bought it. Thanks to Andrew Kendall you can still download it here (it’s at the bottom of the page). It’s interesting how quickly Macromedia noticed this new amazing program. It didn’t even have a chance at a later version. Of course it was a barebones version of the flash we use today i still wonder how far the original company would have taken it.

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