New media applications for Sound design.

All aspects of new media involving sound require sound design.  Video game sound design is probably one of the biggest fields, as web designers are normally on a much smaller budget and will use whatever sounds they can find.   I have been doing Sound design unprofessionally as a hobby for a few years now, and it’s amazingly fun and great way to enhance your senses. (or sense in this case)  Sound design has been around since the “old media” days.  Music, TV, and Radio all incorporate sound design.  Way back when radio shows that sounded an awful lot like today’s TV shows aired,  they had Foley artists.  Foley artists were the precursor to modern sound designers.   They would manually produce the sounds live for the show and had no means of editing or manipulating the sounds other than how they made it.  If they wanted a door to rattle the would hit a large piece of wood.  I’m not saying that those were the good ‘ol days, Infact they were horrible.  I like my modern Sound Editors and DaWs like Audacity, Nuendo, and Goldwav.

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