Class Notes, and some personal news.

March 6, 2008

Neither of these two New Media Posts could be long enough on their own, so I combined them:

Class Notes 2/28 – Metaphors:

A home page is not really either a home or a page. It’s the starting point where you go when you type the URL without any additional things (I.e. /post-new.php ).  Just like this a page is not a tactile page in a book, but a digital representation of part of a path.  these Metaphors along with many others in New Media are examples of transcoding.  It basically means that we apply familiar terms to new technology that may not really apply well in an effort to make people feel more normal with that new technology.  We also discussed the parent-child relationship within web pages. One of the interesting things with web pages is that the parent and child are more like nodes as you can go from a child to a parent in most circumstances, changing the parent to a child and the child into a parent.

Great News- Sound Design roles and the Source SDK:

I was recently accepted as a Sound Artist for a Half-Life: Opposing Force Remake for Source.  It’s called Operation Black Mesa.  It’s amazing some of the work they’ve done  In the past few years.  It’s been through at least one management change and it’s still going strong.  I hope that I will Be a valuable addition.

Class notes 2/14: Writerly Vs Readerly, Technology and Narritives.

February 21, 2008

One of things about our technology discussion that made a large impact on me was the idea that technology is an extension of us and the five senses we have. Sticks, when used properly, are technology and are an extension of our arms and our tactile senses. The teachers tried specifically to state that the common misconception that “technology is electric is false”, without alienating us from the fact that most electric items are technology (would be all electric items less we forget lightning). One humorous way that they worded this was that, “TV images do not come through the plug.” Next up in my notes are the ideas about narratives and how “Everything is a story.” It always starts with the introduction of the protagonist. Like how in Star Wars IV you have “hero, then conflict.” And then the Conflict is eliminated by some means. Then the story reaches a climactic point when Luke uses the force instead of his computer guidance systems to destroy the death star with a laser or missile of some sort. One interesting thing about the writerly texts is that it makes the reader a producer of the texts, like in a CYOA. this is in contrast to the statement made about readerly texts that says, “It is what it is,” it, being a static text.  The key difference between these two texts appears to me to be interactivity.