Mapping Space of the New Tunxis Library

February 21, 2008

The new Tunxis Library is quite large and dense yet it still manages a flow of movement with freedom in directional choice. There are three entryways to the main hall of the library much like different links to access it through a web page. While they all start somewhere different (south, east, or west end) they all end up at the main library entrance. Interactive chairs and tables in the main hall are fully modular and can be arranged with ease. As one enters the library they have two main options, current floor or top floor (basically the equivalent of another web page). You can also notice the shelves on the walls are modular as well, along with less modular floor shelving units for holding the data or more specifically books. Even the stairs have interactivity as they twist away to both sides of the upper level from one main staircase, giving you more freedom of direction. There are reservable discussion rooms for the SGA that seem to represent topics on a talk page or forum. Also, even the floors and walls of this building show modularity as they are covered with a selection of topics ranging from Black History Month to Information on the Library. as one leaves the library they may notice one or two areas still under construction. I am unsure what function one will serve, but the other is clearly a mini food court. This is particularly useful as the nearest vending machine is about 250 feet away.